A journey to share unique tea events.

We believe in creating memorable tea events, both at home and on the go. 

With our modern take on the most ancient of drinks, we strive to demystify the complexity of traditional teas and promote the benefits proven over centuries.

Make premium teas and teawares most accessible. to consumers.
Educate the world on the practices and benefits of tea.
Promote the merchants we work with to help grow the tea community.
Spread the love for tea!

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Founder + Director of Growth

Over the past 14 years, Matt has had a variety of roles spanning account management, business development, client-side marketing, consulting and non-profit leadership. He has brought his passion for marketing to the world of tea and founded Chong Tea in 2016. He also specializes in virtual and in-person tea tasting experiences, tea sourcing and marketing for the tea industry, and is. a student of the Tea Academy of Canada Professional Sommelier Program.



Head of Content

Terris is a freelance Content Director at her digital content marketing firm, Leo Sun Digital, with over a decade of experience in content marketing. She has created web and social media content for lifestyle brands in the wellness, travel, financial, interior design, hospitality, food, and beauty industries. Her published works have appeared in DINE Magazine, Discorder, Metro News, Pique Newsmagazine, and Sophomore Magazine.

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